Saturday, July 20, 2024

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by Gill Bates

The open source AiTM phishing kit developed by DEV-1101 has become increasingly popular among cybercriminals due to its ability to launch large-scale attacks and …

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by Gill Bates

Passwords are something we deal with every day. They were invented many years ago, and we still rely on …

by Melon Ask

I haven’t entered my Google account username and password for a long time, even though I use their services …

by Gill Bates

Many are aware that one-time password generation algorithms, such as HOTP, TOTP, and OCRA, have long been used in …

by Melon Ask

In the realm of cybersecurity, Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) tokens have become a popular method for adding an additional …


John McHacker

John was a computer programmer and hacker known for his expertise in breaking into secure computer systems. He developed a reputation as a master of computer security and was often hired by companies to test the strength of their cybersecurity measures.

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